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Speedo introduces the Dragster, a leading technical swim parachute that boosts your overall workout intensity ensuring no more boring swims. It keeps you focused and committed on your ultimate goal of getting faster and stronger with every swim.

40% increase in drag, swimming with the parachute alone.
60% increase in drag, unzipping one spoiler.
80% increase in drag, unzipping both spoilers.
Integrated side panel spoiler technology system: Spoilers provide variable resistance to maximize drag intensity, up to approximately 80% vs. swimming without a parachute. Auto locking zipper heads prevent the chute from opening further while swimming.
Dimension-Polyant® Code Zero Fabric: A 4-layer construction woven sailing fabric with high-tenacity and modulus yarns which is lightweight, quick-drying, resistant to tearing, stretching and mildew formation.
Auto Open System (AOS): Specially engineered AOS enables the parachute mouth to automatically open and catch water, without assistance at swim starts and turns.
Adjustable Buoy: Maintains the chute in a fixed position behind the swimmer and tangle-free from the swimmer's kick. Durable Hypalon fabric adjustment clip allows a customized fit for all swimmer's heights.
360° Rotation and Stabilization: Multi-directional swivel clip allows the chute to spin in 360° rotations enabling greater stability and smooth movement, without wobbling or jerking.
100% Waterproof, UV, Mildew and Rust Resistant: The Dragster is manufactured with fabrics, zippers, buckles and swivels that will not deteriorate over time dye to UV aging, pool chemicals or extended wear and tear.
Durable Hydrophobic Mesh Belt: Quick drying, lightweight hydrophobic monofilament mesh provides maximum comfort and superior drainage.