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Womens > Triathlon > TYR Women's Hurricane Cat 1 wet suit
(Style No: HCCNF6A)
TYR Women's Hurricane Cat 1 wet suit
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MSRP $199.99
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Brand: TYR - Color: BLK/WHITE
For Sizing: CALL THE DEEP END & http://www.tyr.com/shop/women-s-hurricane-wetsuit-cat-1.html#size-chart

Every Hurricane starts as a Category 1, but some have the potential to turn into a much more powerful one. Start off strong, finish stronger with the Hurricane Cat 1 Triathlon Wetsuit. This wetsuit maximizes your potential with its quick-release ankle cuffs, speed wrap paneling, and free Range-of-Motion zones. These features promote an easier transition, a virtually effortless stroke motion, and optimal buoyancy in the water.

Buy This Suit If:
You’re new to triathlons and are seeking a top-quality wetsuit on a budget.

Neoprene Composition
Yamamoto Ultra Durable Coated neoprene thickness varies between 1.5mm in the arms to 5mm in the torso.

100% durable coated neoprene.
Quick-release ankle cuffs: Thinner neoprene at ankles for quick transition.
Form-fitting wrist cuffs: Thinner neoprene at wrists for quick transition.
Speed wrap paneling: Lightweight neoprene that improves buoyancy, corrects body positioning, and reduces drag .
V-Shaped graded force catch panels: Thin, insulated layer allows for feel of water.
Free Range-of-Motion zones: Perfect balance between flexibility and buoyancy of neoprene to allow for non-constrictive motion.